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Ahmedabad Live is a media and marketing company that has successfully built a strong community of over 1,61,000+ people across different social media platforms who share the love for Ahmedabad, Gujarat. From the first step taken on June 1, 2017, to this day, our Founder Manan Shah and his team have galloped through many milestones and are all set to run more. 

From Ahmedabad’s biggest concerts to college fests, from carnivals to food fests, and from exhibitions to conferences, we have touched every corner that makes Ahmedabad the unique, beautiful, and warm city that it is. 

Ahmedabad Live is a portal designed to be the one-stop destination for everything related to the Heritage City. We feature all that makes the heart of Ahmedabad – heritage sites, textile industry, movies, restaurants, artists, photographers, bloggers, authentic regional food, local brands, people, and much more. 

After being a part of over 200 major events organized in Ahmedabad, we have become a household name. Some of the major events we have partnered with are TEDx, Hungrito Food Festival, Divalicious, and Ahmedabad International Literature Festival. 

Our favorite events are college fests where we get to interact with the youth and explore our city from their perspective. Some of the colleges we have partnered with are the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad for IIM Chaos and Nirma College for Pratibimb. We were also a part of Atharva Fest hosted by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. 

Along with promoting our local artists and their projects like Folk Rang by Meghdhanush, we have also been a part of When Chai Met Toast-DA IICT, Darshan Rawal, Aditya Gadhvi, DJ Snake, Bryan Adams – The Ultimate Tour, Neha Kakkar – Live in Concert, and VirDas – Love Tour. 

Focusing on engagement, interaction, evaluation, and in-depth analysis, we have changed our approach and updated our campaigns to suit the needs of Amdavadis and their business goals. 

About: About Us
Manan Shah


Founder & CEO

What is the one thing that people associate most with Ahmedabad? Sidi Saiyyed ni Jaali! Its intricate latticework, its intertwined design and its grandeur look acts as an identity for Ahmedabad. It was transformed from a stone into the filigree it is; just like Manan. It’s because of him that the brand is where it is right now. He is like the inter-twined design of the banyan and the palm tree of Ahmedabad Live that grows into long lofty branches of flora like our 140K+ community.

About: Our Team


What comes to your mind when you think of Manek Chowk at midnight? Chaos, excitement, innovative takes on dosa, and probably a lot of happiness. Right? Our Community Chief Operating Officer Harshal is all of this. He brings the most unusual but fresh ideas. The most enthusiastic member of our team, his speciality is the pinch of drama that he adds to make our ideas unique. He is always smiling wide like people do when they see Gwalior Dosa approaching their table.

Harshal Shah
Feyon Professional Photo.jpg


Have you heard about the wonder that is Sindhu Bhawan? It's like that trusty friend you can always count on when you're free on the weekend!  And let me tell you about Feyon, he came on board as the Head of Graphic Designing, but boy, is he a jack of all trades! He's tech-savvy, super creative and always bursting with ideas - this guy has more solutions than a math textbook! He's basically the street-smart Michael Scott of the office!


Have you ever been to Law Garden? It's like the Mecca of shopping - everyone flocks there for their retail therapy fix! And speaking of retail therapy, let me introduce you to Vaishali - our very own creative whiz! Not only is she the head honcho of all things imaginative and quirky, but she's also a master of multitasking! She's our Video Jockey, and she's also the queen of handling accounts - talk about a woman who wears many hats!



Have you heard about Adalaj ni Vav? It's like a peaceful oasis that's also brimming with art & creativity - just like our team mate Simran! This gal is a real dynamo - not only is she bursting with innovative ideas, but she's also a total pro at managing the team.  It's like she's a mix of Creative Head and Team Manager, all rolled into one! Honestly, Simran is like the secret spice that makes our team's recipe extra special.

Our Live Instagram Feed


Samarth is the person we call every time we are stuck. He reminds us of Sabarmati Riverfront where people go to ponder over their decisions, to get clarity in their thoughts, and many times to find the perfect solution. Samarth is our Community advisor and mentor who takes our jumbled thoughts and brings maturity in our ideas.

Samarth Pancholi
Shadow on Concrete Wall


Prerak Shah


Chetna Jhuria


Aditya Kabra


Disha Sodani





Tapan started as a co-founder but he had to leave the city for higher studies. However,
he continued to be a part of Ahmedabad Live and helped us with a lot of content creation.



Naman played an important part in building the community. He was involved in the initial planning and in bringing new clients.

Gunit Sahni


Gunit helped us with content writing work – from emails to creating written interactive



She has helped with the event photography and other visual content.

Dhruvin Shah


Dhruvin was has helped in the initial groundwork and marketing. He also gave his input in business
development as well.

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