15 Places You Need To Visit in Surat

Cradled by the banks of Tapi River, lies the world’s largest diamond manufacturing hub and a gem of a city in itself called Surat. Situated on the Southern side of Gujarat and popular in the list of names where the most developed cities of India are mentioned, Surat, truly flies high like the Ray Starling bird that migrates from Europe to this city, marking the arrival of winter there.

Famous as the Silk City of India in the olden times now it has rightfully acquired the throne of textile capital of India. It is said that the region was discovered by a Brahman named ‘Gopi’ in 1516, who named it Suryapur. In 1520 it was finally renamed as Surat. The city is well connected through all types of transportation to major Indian cities and if you ever feel like visiting it, you surely do not have to stress it much.

Below are some recommendations of sites that you must visit on your visit to Surat.

Heritage Sites | For Some History Lessons

Old Fort of Surat

Popularly known as the Surat Fort among the tourist, this humongous structure was built in the 16th century by then Ahmedabad King Sultan Mahmood-III, as dictated in Wikipedia. It is said that in those times Surat acted as a major port for trading at the international level, which also subjected it to being raided every now and then. Hence, in order to protect it from such attacks, this fort was built right alongside the coast which now acts as a wonder for many tourists as by standing at the top of it one can gaze at the vast ocean and all the happenings in it.

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Sardar Patel Museum

Established in the year 1890, which is 57 years before independence, in the British period, famously known as the Winchester Museum, this place was used for storing important documents. After independence, the name was changed to Sardar Patel Museum or as said by many Sardar Sangrahalya. By having a vast collection of planetariums, paintings, ancient relics, and other amazing things, this place is a dreamland for those who loved history in their school days.

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The thing that makes this place a heritage site is the Banyan tree which is supposed to be 600 years old. Residing near the Narmada River, the tree has around 3000 trunks covering the whole area and is the perfect source of shade to be under in all sorts of weather. Rumor has it that this place use to be Saint Kabir’s residence several hundred years ago and thus presents a very enticing local folklore worth going through in your visit to Surat.

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Religious Sites | Tap Into The Spiritual Self

Ambika Niketan Temple

In the temple resides a gorgeous sculpture of Ashtabhuja Ambika- an avatar of Maha Shakti which makes up for most of the devotees being attracted to this place. This temple was built by a devotee of the goddess in 1969 and acts as a standing marvel for many. Besides the big ‘pratima’ of Shakti’s avatar, smaller shrines of other Lords like Shiva, Rama, etc, are also present. Once you visit this place you will surely feel blessed after looking at the magnificent smiling idol of Ambika Maa.