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If you're looking for a quick weekend escape, then you're in luck! We've done the research for you and compiled a list of the top 6 resorts located in the vicinity of Bhavnagar. Whether you're seeking a serene atmosphere or an adventurous stay, these resorts are sure to meet your needs.

  1. Nilambag Palace Hotel

2.8 km from the city center

Nilambag Palace Hotel, the foremost hotel in Bhavnagar City, is the only heritage hotel in the region. As one of the prominent heritage hotels in Gujarat, Nilambag Palace Hotel is owned and managed by the royal family. In addition to providing exceptional accommodation, they offer tours of Gujarat state and host destination weddings and royal weddings at the palace, as well as their sea-side property which is situated 60 kilometers from Bhavnagar.

2. Efcee Sarovar Portico

3.8 km from the city center

The hotel is conveniently located around 20 minutes away from both Bhavnagar Airport and Bhavnagar Terminus Station. As one of the foremost business hotels in Bhavnagar, Efcee Sarovar Portico provides excellent rooms and outstanding amenities, including business centers, a swimming pool, 24-hour room service, and friendly and attentive staff. The hotel also boasts a variety of outstanding restaurants and banquet halls.

3. Iscon the Fern Resort & Spa

5.9 km from the city center

If you're keen on exploring famous tourist spots during your trip to Bhavnagar, you'll be pleased to know that The Fern Bhavnagar - Iscon Club and Resort is situated close to Takhteshwar Temple (2.3 miles) and Ganga Deri (2.4 miles). The rooms at The Fern Bhavnagar - Iscon Club and Resort are equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a desk, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience.

4. Top 3 Lords Resort Bhavnagar

9.3 km from the city center

The resort provides ample space for the sport of golf, which is often associated with gentlemen. The club's standout feature is its exclusive 9 Hole par 36 Golf course. Guests can also play various sports, including badminton, tennis, and others. Furthermore, the resort offers sports coaching facilities, which allow visitors to try different sports regardless

of their skill level.

5. Saanvi Resort

24.7 km from the city center

Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, Saanvi provides a comfortable and convenient stay in Bhavnagar. The property offers a wide range of amenities that ensure guests enjoy a comfortable stay.

6. Blackbuck Safari Lodge, Velavadar

57.2 km from the city center

The cottages of Blackbuck Safari Lodge are beautifully furnished and situated in a charming environment. Every cottage comes with a personal outdoor seating area, perfect for a leisurely evening. The gazebo, which overlooks a tranquil water pond, is the most popular spot in the resort. For those seeking relief from the summer heat, the swimming pool is an excellent addition. The dining area affords a picturesque view of the resort's lovely landscape and offers the possibility of enjoying meals outdoors for breakfast or dinner.

Unwind in luxury at the top resorts in and around Bhavnagar, hassle-free with our curated list. So pack your bags and head over to one of these top-rated resorts for an unforgettable weekend escape that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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