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Top 9 Places to Visit near Ahmedabad

Let’s admit that we are tired of visiting the same places again and again in Ahmedabad. Are you the one who craves something new every time they step out of the house? And here I am not talking about exploring new cafes. We are talking about diving straight into nature. If you are looking for nature then you can thank us because we have listed the Top 11 Places to visit near Ahmedabad.

So buckle up! Let’s end this blog before the weekend comes so we can start planning the trip.

1. Modhera Sun Temple

How can we not start our blog by flaunting our best architectures? It is almost 100 km away from Ahmedabad. It is the best proof for showing off the architecture and you can get the best photographs over there too. There is also a show for 15 minutes of 3D projections of lights. The time of the temple is from 7 am to 6 pm.

2. Nal Sarovar

Nal Sarovar is approx 70 km away from Ahmedabad. Nal resembles Tap and it is heaven for children and photographers because more than 200 species of migratory birds visit here. You can enjoy other activities like horse riding and even boating. It is a nice place for enthusiasts and they have information centres too to get more insights about the place and birds.

3. Gandhinagar Akshardham

You must have heard of this place and if not then you must visit. Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar is only around 30 km away from Ahmedabad. It's the temple of Lord Swaminarayan. It is filled with peace, bliss, and almost everything to complete your day picnic. Things like the food court, garden, and children's attractions are there to keep you engaged all day. There is an amazing water show over there which one should not miss.

4. Rani ki Vav Patan

Rani Ki Vav is a step well located on the bank of river Sabarmati. it’s designed as an inverted temple it’s one of the best examples of architecture. It is our personal favourite in the Top 11 Places to visit near Ahmedabad. Fun Fact it is also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. You must visit this place to indulge yourself in the heritage and get amazed.

5. Polo forest

It's around 150 km away from Ahmedabad. It’s a perfect place for a 2-day trip. It is a place in nature where you can trek, do some adventurous activities, and explore things nearby like ancient temples. Sharneshwar Temple, Vireshwar temple and then sunrise point, and many more things

6. Sarangpur

This is the most famous Hanunmanji temple in Gujarat. From Ahmedabad, it is around 150 km. A beautiful place amidst nature. You can plan a day trip with your friends or family to go directly into the wildling. You can also get food inside the temple. This could be our most famous place among the Top 11 Places to visit near Ahmedabad.

7. Hingolgadh

This is a special sanctuary a merge of a dry, thorny forest, and savannah-type grassland. It is 180 km from Ahmedabad. If you are an adventurous soul then this place is definitely for you. You can enjoy yourself with your kids and calm your adventure craving all at once.

Timing is 8 am till 6 pm.

8. Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary

You will be getting this question a lot are you a mountain person or a beach person? Well if your answer to this question is mountains then you should visit this place as soon as possible. This place is situated on the Gujarat-Rajasthan border in Aravali hills, which is around 180 km away from Ahmedabad. You get to see the gorgeous Aravali range home to a variety of wildlife hyenas, leopards and many birds. Timing is from 6 am to 6 pm.

9. Zanzari Waterfall, Vijapur

On the banks of the River Vatrak, close to the settlement of Dabha, is where Zanzari Waterfall is seen (Bayad taluka of Arvalli district). This lovely location is 7 kilometers south of the Bayad-Dahegam Road, about 12 km from Bayad. From Ahmedabad it’s about 76 km away. For those who enjoy the outdoors, adventure, and photography Zanzari Waterfall is a great destination. Pro tip: don't forget to pack some snacks with you because the availability of food there depends on the season.

We all are busy working hard and doing good in our profession or studies but these kinds of little trips are like fuel to the body. A weekend trip a month keeps the worries away. So which of the Top 11 Places to visit near Ahmedabad you are going to visit next?

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