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Top 7 Places to Visit Near Bhavnagar

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Here are the top 7 places to visit in Bhavnagar. Looking for the right service but having trouble finding it? There's no need to worry! Here are the top 8 places to visit in Bhavnagar. The importance of peace and tranquility to you is equal. A memorable experience will help you get to know yourself better.

  1. Gandhi Smriti

Distance: 2km from City Center

Mahatma Gandhi attended the University of Bhavnagar, which is a little-known fact. Gandhi Smruti is a living memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. It first opened its doors in 1955. This is a compound attached to the city's central clock tower. The tower bells ring out on all four sides with music and timing. A Gandhi picture gallery, showcasing books, rare photos, and memorabilia associated with Mahatma Gandhi's life from birth to death, a small museum of ancient things, a prominent departmental Khadi Gramodyog Bhandar, and a first-class, well-established, and well-organized running library are all available at the Smruti.

2. Nilambag Palace

Distance: 2km from The City Center

A German architect, Simsom, built the Nilambagh Palace for Sir Takhat Singh in the mid-19th century; it originally belonged to the Gohil family, whose old title of Rawal or Raol dates back to their historical battle with Alauddin Khilji in Chitor. A heritage hotel has been converted from this elegant structure.

3. Takhteshwar Temple

Distance: 1km From the City Center

A temple dedicated to Maharaja Takhtsinhji is believed to have been commissioned in 1893. A month after the death of his father, Jaswantsinhji, he was appointed Maharaja of Bhavnagar. Before becoming king, Maharaja Takhtsinhji was a Rajput chief of the Gohil clan.

Source: Tripadvisor

4. Velavadar Blackbuck National Park

Distance: 45km From the City Center

The sanctuary was established in July 1976, as an initial protected area of about 18 sq km. In 1980, another 16 sq km was added to increase the total area to 34 sq km. Even though this is one of the smallest national parks in the country, it packs in a robust amount of species for the wildlife lover.

5. Victoria Park

Distance: 4km from City Center

Victoria Park is a 2-sq-km protected forest near Bhavnagar. It was designed in 1888 and has a variety of flora and fauna, including birds, butterflies, foxes, and nilgais. There are two water bodies inside the park, and a picnic site has been developed recently. Accommodation is available nearby.

6. Water Lock Gate

Distance: 9km From the City Center

It is one of the oldest lock gates in India & it is second in Asia. It is a pleasure to see when there is a low tide and how the gates work for holding the water. So that’s why this one is our favorite out of the list of Top 7 Places to Visit near Bhavnagar.

Source: holidify

7. Gaurishankar Lake

Distance: 4km From the City Center

Gaurishankhar Lake, a huge and beautiful lake, was built in 1872 as a water reservoir. It is now a popular picnic spot in Bhavnagar, with a nearby forest and nurseries cultivating unique flora. The lakeside is also a popular venue for fairs during the festival season.

Source: MakeMyTrip

Is it the weekend already or have these places made you plan for the weekend way sooner? And if you are looking for a place to visit near Jamnagar then follow the link.

See you at the destination.

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