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Prepare yourself for a delightful surprise if you're seeking a brief weekend escape! We've done the groundwork for you and curated a collection of the top 7 resorts in and around Rajkot. Whether you desire a tranquil setting or an exhilarating adventure, these resorts in Rajkot are fully equipped to cater to your specific preferences.

1. Pinevinta Hotel

Distance from the city center: 2.5 kilometres

The Pinevinta Hotel offers an extensive range of amenities and luxurious features that meet the expectations of a high-end hotel. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure purposes or attending or organising an event, our establishment guarantees a seamless and delightful experience with a diverse selection of outstanding comforts and conveniences.

2. Fortune Park, JPS Grand

Distance from the city center: 5 kilometres

This sophisticated and modern hotel offers a wide range of guest facilities accompanied by efficient service, creating an ideal environment for both business and leisure travellers in the contemporary era.

3. Regency Lagoon Resort

Distance from the city center: 10 kilometres

The Regency Lagoon Resort in Rajkot offers a truly enchanting and luxurious stay that embodies the essence of a dreamlike experience. The resort's captivating tropical ambiance is meticulously designed to captivate our guests, providing them with an immersive and impeccable luxury outing that brings delight at every turn.

4. Phoenix Resort

Distance from the city center: 13.9 kilometres

Indulge in a much-needed and well-deserved respite as you explore the expansive resort facilities spread across a sprawling 4 acres.

Immerse yourself in a picturesque environment that sets the stage for the most captivating moments of your life at one of the top 7 resorts in and around Rajkot.

5. Chouki Dhani

Distance from the city center: 14 kilometres

Located approximately 14 kilometres away among the top 7 resorts in and around Rajkot in Gujarat State, Chouki Dhani stands as a cherished gem of the region. Stepping into Chouki Dhani evokes a nostalgic feeling of a traditional village fair, where talented artists mesmerise the audience with their performances in various designated areas called "Machans," adding a touch of festivity to each sunset and ongoing celebration.

7. Green Leaf Club

Distance from the city center: 15 kilometres

Located in the culturally rich city of Rajkot, Gujarat, Green Leaf Club stands as a premier boutique resort. With carefully designed amenities and rooms, Green Leaf Club offers a comfortable and regal experience for both business travellers and holidaymakers, guaranteeing a delightful stay during their visits.

  1. Jagira Ananta Elite

Distance from the city center: 30 kilometres

Nestled on the outskirts of Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, our luxurious resort in Gir, Jagira Ananta Elite, provides a serene escape from bustling city life. Featuring a small outdoor lawn, a swimming pool, and a wide array of facilities, Jagira Ananta Elite ensures top-notch services, solidifying its position as the premier resort in Sasan Gir.

Immerse yourself in opulent relaxation at the top 7 resorts in and around Rajkot, handpicked to ensure a worry-free experience.

Pack your belongings and embark on a remarkable weekend getaway to one of these highly acclaimed resorts. After your rejuvenating stay, you'll return with a sense of tranquilly, renewed energy, and cherished moments to treasure.

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